After seeing the extensive use of Aerofoil louvres overseas and the need for a product like this locally, we decided to design and manufacture a louvre that could increase in width, the 200 AF to 250 mm and the 300 AF to 400 mm by means of special infill pieces.

The 200 AF louvre is used extensively on horizontal, roof edge applications and has a maximum span of 3500 mm in high wind areas  

The 300 AF louvres are ideal in vertical applications with 3700 mm free span with louvres in vertical or horizontal positions.

Gutco Aerofoil louvres are fixed to any suitable support structures, by means of a spigot (fig 1) and set and fixed to the required cut off angle.   The angle of the louvres is to the architect’s choice.

In addition, the vertical application with the louvres positioned vertical or horizontally are ideal for sun control, facade cladding, external fire escape cladding, service core cladding and decorative feature screens.

The mill finish louvres can be anodised or epoxy coated to any of the colours from our standard colour range.


Gutco 200 AF aerofoil fixed to concealed support structure

A patterned Facade made up of Gutco 300 AF Aerofoils fixed with spigots to aluminium rectangle hollow tubes at different modules and colours


200AF aerofoil technical drawing - click the image to enlarge. 300AF aerofoil technical drawing - click the image to enlarge.



This type of louvre gives the Architect freedom of design as there are not many restrictions in size and shape . can be adjustable or fixed ,install vertically or horizontally, be painted or anodised.

Purpose made aerofoil louvres are made from galvinised M.S or aluminium to a width of 1000mm and length of 3000mm. Louvres can be anodised or epoxy powder coated.

Louvres can be fixed with concealed brackets or on ends with ferrules

Aerofoil Aerofoil
Gutco AF200 is a 200mm continuous Aerofoil louvres with support structure at 3300mm centres. Gutco AF300 (300mm louvre), spanning 3700 mm, is also available.


Gutco Horizontal Aerofoil sun louvres

GUTCO AF200 Aerofoil where designed to give optimum sun protection without cutting off the natural light.
The bold appearance of the louvers can be fixed in different ways and panel spans up to 3700mm, giving the designer freedom of design, without jeopardizing the aesthetics of the building.

Paarl Hospital

Normal Applications
Gutco AF200 Aerofoil louvers can be fixed in a
* Horizontal system
* Vertical system or a
* Sloping system, at any angle, to achieve the maximum sun protection

Gutco AF300 Aerofoil louvre is an ideal product to lend a innovative solution to sun control. The wing-shaped fins can be spaced at a variable modules to give optimal light penetration with effective sun protection. The epoxy coated (any colour from our standard colour range) or anodized louvres can be fixed to any suitable support structure.


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